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We are committed to supporting children and parents.

What differentiates BENS Groups from other services is our ability to truly connect with, not just the child, but their families, and provide the exceptional, compassionate, and holistic service they deserve. We know that no two children are the same, nor should our approach be, what works for one does not work for all.


At BENS Groups we offer 121 wellbeing coaching and peer support sessions for young people and their parents. We facilitate communication and mediate with young people and parents to improve family relationships and we also liaise with schools, social care and other agencies.


Our service is individualised and bespoke with a solution-focused approach.

We support children and families through art and crafts; cooking and science; games and teach them techniques to alleviate anxiety, worry and stress. We help build self-esteem, confidence and communication skills. We help young people to grow, sustain and transform their lives and embrace a brighter future.


​We support young people who:


  • struggle to communicate

  • have social anxiety

  • worry so much that it affects their day-to-day life

  • Autism/Asperger’s

  • sensory processing disorder


  • anger issues

  • low confidence and self-esteem

  • mental health issues

  • struggle to manage or recognise emotions


We will help you:


  • develop a growth mindset and become resilient

  • gain strategies that will relieve anxiety

  • build confidence and healthy self-esteem

  • grow a positive future

  • understand your emotions and needs

  • communicate effectively

  • become solution-focused

  • develop a have-a-go attitude and learn that mistakes are part of learning

  • reduce anxiety

  • develop social skills needed for your future

  • learn mindfulness techniques

  • enjoy creative activities (there is no right or wrong)

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